American Desk

Positive relationships between Poland and the United States have existed for hundreds of years. Now more than ever, that relationship has become even deeper and more meaningful with American investments coming into Poland, but more symbolically Polish investments into the United States. We have noticed this trend and have decided to dedicate a portion of our practice to help facilitate these investments.

For whom

Specifically, the American Desk is focused on Polish companies investing, or looking to invest, in the United States – no matter if it’s registering an LLC in Delaware or setting up a factory in Texas.

Likewise, we also help American companies investing in Poland by providing guidance in navigating complex Polish and EU regulations and bureaucracies.

What are we doing

The American Desk will focus on providing the following services:

Helping clients establish operations on either side of the Atlantic

Guiding clients through the complex transatlantic compliance and regulatory environment

Advising clients on investment strategies

Reviewing and drafting of contracts

Cross border dispute resolution, whether in the United States or Poland

Managing cross border communication

Ensuring continued compliance with Polish and American law

Why us

Maruta Wachta on a daily basis works on American-Polish cross border legal matters across our award winning practice areas. You can find more information about our awards here >

We do this with ease due to the significant amount of attorneys that have studied and obtained degrees through American law schools, including a Texas licensed attorney within our ranks, Dominic Kisielewski – J.D. and L.L.M. from the University of Houston.

Moreover, through these experiences, our firm has gained many contacts with reliable American partners to enhance our services. With this amount of talent and experience, we have both sides of the Atlantic covered.


Wojciech Jarosiński


tel: +48 601 543 524

Dominic Kisielewski


tel: +48 538 238 718