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Marketing and advertisement

We provide advisory services to the marketing industry, serving the leading advertising agencies, providers of products which are subject to restrictions on advertisement, chain stores, telecom operators or broadcasters. We have a unique experience in handling B2C and B2B loyalty programmes (including multi-partner programmes), organizing promotion and audio-tele lotteries as well as other promotions, industries subjected to marketing restrictions or regulation of media activity.

Our comprehensive approach to marketing makes us unique. Our advisory services cover all areas of law relevant to the developing and implementing of promotional action, ATL campaign, interactive marketing, social media or events and non-standard actions. In a unique way we combine our competences in the fields of intellectual property, data protection, new technologies, taxes, consumer protection, combating unfair competition, industry and sector regulations (telecommunication, tourism, gambling, television, press) and restrictions on advertising and promotion (pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages, financial services, tobacco products, food, etc.). We understand marketing and thanks to our strong experience, we are able to provide optimal solutions for the projects implemented by our Clients.

Selected services:

  • Loyalty program services, including negotiating and giving opinions on contracts related to participation in multi-partner loyalty programs
  • Advisory services on advertisement (unfair competition, advertisement restrictions, media market regulations, trademarks etc.)
  • Adopting regulations, providing legal support in the organization and representation in procedures for the authorization of promotion or audio-tele lotteries
  • Construction of tax and legal models of marketing activity
  • Preparation of any documents (regulations, clauses, advertising messages) and advisory services on promotional actions
  • Verification of compatibility of adverts and other marketing materials with the applicable law
  • Advisory services on e-marketing and telemarketing
  • Negotiations and giving opinions on marketing services contracts, with particular reference to intellectual property and data protection.