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We have experience in assisting clients to prevent disputes before they occur, as well as advising on formal litigation proceedings. Our role in dispute resolution and litigation is to take on as much of the burden of managing and progressing litigation to its conclusion from our clients as possible. Our lawyers work closely with our clients from pre-litigation counselling and negotiation through trials and appeals. We have a significant experience in a range of technology litigation matters, particularly in disputes relating to intellectual property, hardware implementation, software design and implementation, development projects, IT outsourcing, software licensing and copyright. The team understands the commercial issues and pressures which arise from IP disputes and provide innovative and strategic solutions to deal with them. Flexible approach to our strategy, understanding of technical aspects and vast experience in contract negotiation allows us to represent our clients in administrative court proceedings and before the common and arbitration courts, domestically and abroad.

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  • pre-trial analysis and risk assessment, which allows us to estimate the litigation cost and the length of the trial as well as the actual chances of winning,
  • developing an effective litigation strategy,
  • conciliation and mediation,
  • dispute avoidance or alternative dispute resolution,
  • gathering and constructing the body of evidence for court submission,
  • representation in appeal proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeals (KIO), as well as public and arbitration courts.