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Public Procurement

Public procurement has always been at the heart of Maruta & Wachta. The public procurement team prides itself on its experience and expertise. We provide comprehensive legal advice both to public authorities, utilities and companies seeking to contract with them.
We assist our clients through the whole process of tender procedure from the drafting and preparation of the Specification of Contract Basic Terms and Conditions (SIWZ)/tender offers to dispute resolution and litigation. Our significant understanding of the technical aspects helps us to assist our clients in handling procurement and tendering processes of the ICT solutions. We have also built up extensive experience in public procurement projects in the energy and construction sectors.

For many years, we have been negotiating on behalf of our clients and representing them before the public tender authorities and in the appeal proceedings before the National Chamber of Appeals (KIO). We help our clients to resolve public procurement disputes concerning the performance of agreements under the public procurement regime. We assist our clients on the business process management matters, especially where the public procurement rules apply. In recent years, we have participated in the creation of few shared service centres and designed public utility transactions models.


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